Bathrobes And Towels - Trissy Creations
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Bathrobes And Towels

At Trissy Creations we know very well how bathrobes and towels can become a walking billboard that can advertise your business in a number of influential ways.  Anyone that owns and uses a bathrobe or towels with your logo and/or business name on the front or the back is granting you free publicity that can’t be matched.


Bathrobes And Towels are exceedingly easy to embroider and can take pretty much any design with the advantage that they have a very broad area to work with. Unlike other, smaller items you can place your logo or information on the back, front, or even feature your design on a sleeve if desired.


While it is recommended that you place your design somewhere that it is easily seen, Trissy Creations can accommodate your every need when it comes to placing your design in the ideal location on your bathrobes and or towels.


From embroidery to printing our company’s expertise at making your information stand out is simply extraordinary.  Just give us the design you want, let us know how you want it displayed, and you won’t be disappointed.

We create designs specific to you or your organisation.